My First Inspiration Board

So I woke up today thinking I want to make an inspiration board b/c I always see all these pretty ones on my favorite blogs and it seems like a fun creative way of organizing my likes & plans. Then I checked my blogroll and and what do you know… Kelley at My Island Wedding is hosting an inspiration board contest. What perfect timing!

Unfortunately Photoshop hated me today… after 10 hrs of fighting with it to operate properly on my computer I was finally able to pull together this beauty.

My Dream Wedding (Yay for me that I'm actually getting most of these!)

My Dream Wedding (Yay for me that I'm actually getting most of these!)

Short Dress:
two dress bodices:
The Old Hidalgo Pumphouse:
Wedding Couple:
Bride Wars Photo: posted a while back on a forum on Engaged Couple:
Audrey Hepburn: Photo taken for the movie Sabrina
Groom: photo I took off a blog a while back… gosh i don’t remember which one :-\
Engaged Couple:
Flowergirl Dress:
Black & White Dress:
Necklace: (i bought it!)
Color Scheme: me
The Old Hidalgo Pumphouse:
Veil & Hair:
Flowergirl Dress:


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  1. This is truly lovely!!! You’re officially up and running as of a minute ago! Hope you like it!!!

  2. thanks! glad you like 🙂

  3. Hey! I’m all Twittered out! Is it me or you can stay on blogs/twitter etc. all day long?

    Anyway, I’m following you on Twitter too! Yeah! I guess I’ll get the hang of it all someday! Have a great weekend.

  4. most definitely 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend too! I’m pumped to go see Star Trek in a couple hours… I haven’t missed a single episode/movie… I know… GEEKY TREKIE! 🙂

  5. Star Trek Rocks…, I prefer the 1960’s version and the movies. Can’t wait to see the new one! Enjoy!

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