ok so…

…this has nothing to do with my wedding but I just experienced the craziest, most memorable night of my life.

Tonight I had planned to stay home, veg on my floor (I have no furniture in my one room dwelling other than a bed and dresser) and watch netflix online. Well my best friend/MOH invited me to go see x-men. I already bought tickets for tomorrow… but as the night progressed and fell deeper and deeper into a funk, i had a change of heart.

Therefore, I said yes and bought a ticket for the 7:45 showing online. Well at 6:30 when I was walking into the theatre to pick up my ticket, I see an old friend who had picked up his 7:00 showing tickets. Well the rest of my group arrives (7 in total) and and we’re walking back out to the parking lot where we see all these other friends of ours for the 7:00 showing. Well I suggest they switch their tickets to come w/ us. No one wants to go ask so I take all 6 tickets of theirs and go sweet talk the box office person to exchange them for the 7:45 showing. As I walk back out I holler “Praises may ensue now!” while waving the new tickets… to which they all laugh.

The movie was great. Then after we debate on where to go for food. Our town is wicked tiny and shuts down at 10 so the options are very limited. Finally I suggest Wendy’s to which everyone follows. As we walk inside they tell us the dining area is closed but we can drive through. So everyone pills into 3 cars and drives-thru w/ their orders. Ultimately we park in the lot. Turn on the Mulan Soundtrack (it was a fave of ours as little kids) and eat while sitting on people cars. Then some of the boys bust out a football and start playing catch.

No one says anything to use and the only sketchy thing was an old couple that proceeded to drive through the lot twice sneering at us before driving off. Well now it’s 10:30 so we all decide to pack up and are heading to our cars when a cop whips into the lot w/ his lights and sirens on. He blocks us off… rounds us up and orders us into a line.

I took charge as group spokesman. He demands if we have and drugs or booze and I politely explain “No, we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses and we don’t do stuff like that.” He tried to pressure us to confess something but none of us had anything to hide. He orders us to take out our ids and put our hands where he could see them. Then he goes down the line collecting each license.

We were friendly to him and tried to keep things light. Then he went to his car to check each id (all 13). So in the eternity in which we waited we joked and converses and remained in our line up with our hands in front of us. We kept discussing how it was night never to be forgotten. Especially since we had not hung out all together in over 2 years.

Well finally he comes back and gives everyone their licenses back and wishes us a good night b/c we are good kids after all.

He pulled at and parked at the street to make sure everyone left promptly which we all did w/ huge grins on our faces.

Truly an Unforgettable Night!


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  1. Hey! I just heard you won the Perfect Palette giveaway! Gongrats! It looks beautiful!!!

    All the best!

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