The Dress!

I own my dress! So I went to the Annual Clearance Sale at Bridals by Rochelle ( in Uxbridge, MA. All their dresses were priced between $50 – $200. And we’re talking nice designer gowns.

So I went… was the only bride there by myself 😦 but I found my dress… yes I finally had my “the one” moment. It’s so beautiful and it was originally $698 but I got it for an amazing $175. It’s an Eden Bridals dress and can be seen below 🙂

Remaining Budget: $4,566.73


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  1. I know when I started dress shopping that “the one” moment was a myth. I was mistaken when it happened to me. Congratulations on finding your perfect dress~!

  2. lovely dress so simple, distinguish and unique!! check out this dress!!…nicolas-jebran/

  3. Oh mu Gosh I love your dress. You look so stunning in it.


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