The ABC’s of why I’m so stressed…

a. I’m moving 2000 miles away in 10 days.

b. Midterms are all this week and next.

c. I made the foolish choice of signing up for online classes b/c I thought they would be less time consuming.

d. I have no vehicle.

e. I’m worried about finding a vehicle up north.

f. I’m worried about find a job up north.

g. I’m planning a wedding…

h. … on like no money.

i. When I went to book my deposit today they were closed for Borderfest, which completely throws off next weeks schedule b/c i have to drive all the way over their on Monday.

j. I have 3 design projects to finish in one week in order to finish my entire semester of D. Pub in half the time.

k. I have a random guy hitting on me constantly despite personally knowing my fiance.

l. Parallels is acting all screwy on my mac…

m. … which is frsuterating my flow of completeing midterms.

n. I feel like I’m neglecting my friends.

o. I will be living away from my parents for the first time…

p. … and they won’t even be within driving distance…

q. … or at least within a day’s drive

r. I’m bloating b/c of stress

s. Which has me paranoid that I’m gonna gain all the weight I worked so hard on losing

t. I’m really disliking this semester class choice b/c I think these online classes are gonna wreck my 5 year running 4.0 gpa

u. I haven’t even started packing yet

v. Which means I’ll probably end up forgetting vital stuff and have to pay a buttload to ship it

w. I haven’t started learning the language I am moving for yet

x. Therefore calling into question my whole purpose of moving

y. I can’t find my perfect wedding dress anywhere

z. And I’m scared I’m gonna miss home too much when I move and not stay the full 5 months and then feel embarrassed for coming home early

On the bright side: i did some therapy shopping and got 6 “winter” articles of clothing for NH for only $31. 🙂 that was happy making indeed…

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