place cards

B/c the valley has a problem of lots and lots of crashers at parties… we decided we were going to have to have assigned seating and an invitation only reception. But I’ve been struggling with appropriate and unique place cards…

Until I had an epiphany tonight… Yesterday i downloaded the freeware poladroid (download it at… well it’s amazing. Just drag and drop any digital photo into it and you will get a digital Polaroid like photo. They are amazing. I was having so much fun converting all my favorite pics today.

Well I’ve always loved the thought of Polaroids at weddings, but with the cost of film, that was just too far out of our price range. But now with this free software and the awesome specials at on prints (50 free 4×6’s every month) I have found my perfect place cards.

On our website, when guests rsvp we will request they email or send us their favorite photo of themselves. Then we will convert these into poladroids and order all the prints. We will write their name on the bottom frame and and place at their table. How cute will that be.

I’m thinking of also including tons of poladroids of our favorite pics of family and friends (i have thousands) and have them strung from the trees and as food and dj table garlands and such.

I’m so in love with this idea 🙂 and it’s gonna be so cheap!!!

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