So it looks like we are going to be one of those 2 reception couples. we have officially decided to book the Old Pumphouse for our May 29th wedding reception.

Then after our honeymoon, once we settle in, in Dallas, we will have a second reception for all those friends who couldn’t make it to our valley wedding.

I absolutely love this idea. Since we are planning on buying or making all our own decorations like linens and centerpieces we will be able to recycle these at our 2nd reception.

For our first one, we will have decorative fans as favors so the guests can keep themselves cool in the Texas heat. While at our second reception we will have cute chocolate bloom favors, since it will probably be indoors and we won’t have to worry about the melting factor. Who knows we might have these for the first reception too, but deliver them at each table midway through the reception.

Also, our centerpieces will double as favors for the second reception b/c I don’t want to end up stuck with 250 ball jars.

I’m very excited about this! So happy we have at least reached a unanimous decision.

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