Theme & Style

Before I continue… it’s looking very likely that we will be having a Dallas wedding. Although I do still absolutely love and dream of having my reception at the Old Pumphouse, Dallas has a lot of perks. Especially since we elvauated our guest list.

If we have a wedding down here, it’s gonna be a huge thing…. which was what I always assumed would have to be the case. But if we have it in Dallas, we will still be able to invite everyone but will probably get by on 150 or less guests. That means, more money to work with (b/c of less mouths to feed…lol) and a more intimate setting.

As Luke and I have been discussing these things, I was complaining that although I already knew in my head what i had envisioned for our big dayy, I had no clue how to describe the style to people. Leave to him (and this is why he’s so amazing) to take the little details and bits I throw at him and immediately respond back, “You’re wanting a 1930’s lower-middle class wedding, baby.”

Just like that. He hit the nail on the head. I would have never been able to formulate or come up w/ that on my own but he got it perfect. He will never stop amazing me. Especially when you consider how many guys (much less grungy welders) do you know who can pinpoint exactly what 1930’s lower-middle class wedding means?

So there you have it… I’m going for a 1930’s Lower-middle Class style wedding.

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