Potential Change in Plans

I spent the weekend up in Dallas with Luke celebrating my grandparents’ 50th Anniversary.

I was showing Luke photos of the Old Pumphouse and this of course brought up the ever present debate of where we should have the wedding. Luke and my dad have really been pushing for a Dallas wedding but my mom and I have always wanted it down here b/c of the convenience factor in planning. My mom had to plan an out of town wedding and she doesn’t wish that stress on me. But as more time goes by, I can admittedly see the logic in the guys’ reasoning.

So here is a pros and cons list to see which is better.

Pros to having a wedding in Dallas:

Will be where we live after wedding

Majority of our families lives there

More vendor options in the Metroplex

Only 3 bridal escorts will travel versus 7

Better photographer options

Cons to having wedding in Dallas:

Majority of mom’s family won’t be their

Won’t be at Old Pumphouse

Will have to ship all favors and centerpieces

More difficult to plan

To Be Continued…

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