So I went with my mother to check out our first reception site yesterday. I feel in love! But my mother being the voice of reason told me to wait until we look at all the others. Sage advice…. the reason she’s the logical one of this procedure.

Well, we have an appointment with Lake Tejano Resort in Hidalgo tomorrow at 3:30 and one with Casa Los Ebanos in San Benito on Sunday at 10:30. We will be stopping by there on our way to the Brownsville Wedding Show.

I still have about 7 other places to call as well tomorrow.

But yesterday’s venue but be one of the Valley’s best kept secrets. It’s the Old Pump House Museum in Hidalgo. They host outdoor weddings for up to 400 guests in their butterfly and dragonfly garden. The place is surrounded by flowing streams and mesquite trees covered in twinkle lights. The fence surrounding the property is also surrounded by twinkle lights. It is absolutely breath-taking and perfect in every way. It has an area already set up for dancing and indoor restrooms.The staff is very accommodating and more than helpful.

Guess how much this lovely place is? $250! Yes 250 dollars… that’s it! Because it’s a museum, the only do weddings as a side thing and I was blown away. So it is very likely that we will be going with them.

But I am keeping an open mind as I go check out the other locations.

Remaining Balance: $4,974.81

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