Big Savings on Flowers

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted Sunflowers for my wedding. I think it is impossible to look at a sunflower and not smile. They just bring joy and light to any occasion. So of course I’ve been hunting everywhere for the perfect sunflower bouquets.

Well lucky me, sunflowers seem to be all the rage this year for weddings, so it wasn’t hard at all to get some great ideas. I fell in love with bouquets like these…

Now if I went ahead and had a florist make all my flowers it would cost somewhere around $500 if not more. Well that was way out of my league. So then i did research and figured I would buy all my flowers wholesale online and then put my bouquets together myself. This would cost around $350. A $150 savings isn’t bad.But I still didn’t want to spend that much on something that just wouldn’t last.

So I was brainstorming solutions with mom. I did want fresh flowers and not look tacky with everything being silk. But I didn’t want to pay the cost of fresh flowers. So as we are sitting there driving around McAllen, it hits us… We mix them!

So I am going to have all fresh sunflowers. And that will be what everyone will notice. But for the greenery and filler, it’s going to be fake. We also live in a fertile area, so we decided that we are going to try to grow our own sunflowers on part of our property to use for any further decorations.

I am going to need 5 large stems, for my bouquet, 12 for my bridesmaids, and another 1 for the bridesmaids. Plus another 10 for the cake. Then I will need 60 of the small or mini blooms for the boutonnieres. If we successfully grow our own I will use all those for my tables and other decorations. In addition I will need filler for 6 bouquets and 20 boutonnieres and the floratape to wrap each one.

So I priced around and found that I can get my 60 mini blooms at for $65.40. I can also get 30 large blooms from them for $52.86.

I found this great silk flower site called If I buy all the filler and greenery from the closeout section I can get everything for $67.80.

So in total all my flowers will cost $186.06 including shipping and handling.

Amazing, I know…

Well that’s all for now, been so busy with everything that it has taken me 4 days just to get through this post. Basically just trying to do a little bit of planning each day between everything else.

Remaining Budget: $4,974.81

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