The First Purchase

So I have spent most my planning time gathering ideas, making selections, and getting prices. I’m shooting to having a complete set plan (more on that later b/c it is a doosey) and then going out and shelling all the dough for everything. But today i made my first purchase…

It all started with lunch with my mom. We were driving around McAllen, TX and passed David’s Bridal. It had already been a semi-sad day b/c our days together are numbered. I’m leaving for 6 months to NH on March 16. It will be my first time not living at home and 2,000 miles away no less. So I look over at mom and go, “well I was thinking that when I’m in NH I will prolly go dress shopping with The Girls” (this would refer to my MOH and a Bridesmaid/Roomate) “but I would really like my first time to be with you.” She smiles really big and squeezes my arm and we pull in. I tried on 3 dresses and I really like Style T9612. It’s brand new but it’s the cover dress on their Spring ’09 catalog.

Well I really like this dress but not the price tag… so I came home and did my research. On ebay there is a seller from China that specializes in replicating designer wedding dresses for only $199 with free shipping. She has raving reviews and the dresses she offers are beautiful. Let me know if you want her shop info and I will be more than happy to oblige.

But I’m not sure if this is the route I will take b/c I had previously fallen in love with the J. Crew Sophia dress in Ivory. I love the lines and simplicity of it. And I can find it new on ebay for around $100. Of course I’d want to add a little lace to the bodice b/c I just have to have lace on my dress, it’s a must. So after David’s mom and I headed downtown…

There’s this fabric shop on the corner of Austin and 16th called La Campana. It specializes in formal wear fabrics. It has tons of lace. Well they were discontinuing a bunch and I found the perfect alencon lace. I bought the last of the bolt, 1.38 yards (exactly what I needed for the bodice) and guess how much I paid… $5.99 a yard. Gasp! I know…

I found the perfect lace for my invitations as well. I’m making the ones seen here:

Well I bought 30 yards (enough for 175 invitations) for $15. That was $10 under what i had budgeted.

So today was very exciting and successful. Can’t wait to do more of this.

There’s so much more to share but I should really hit the sack. Night all!

Budget remaining: $4974.81

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