The Journey Begins

So little background info… Luke (my future husband) and I have known each other our whole lives. Although I wouldn’t say we were friends we were acquainted. He was the first boy who ever asked me to dance. Sweat, i know…

Well on September 29, 2007, I happened to be up in Dallas for work, and that evening my Aunt invited me over for a big family dinner. She has a huge house and it was gonna be this big affair. I walk in and recognize and am related to everyone there except for this loud rambunctious guy with a crazy red-haired pseudo-fro. I was curious. He hit on me. We identified who each other was in the grand scheme of Dallas and childhood. Exchanged numbers. And thought nothing would ever progress from there.

Then what do you know… on January 29, 2008 we start officially dating.

One glorious although drama filled year later, we’ve set a date.

May 29, 2010.

Although that is pending do to my 6 month sabbatical this summer to learn Swahili which means the wedding might get pushed for September 29, 2010 but I have all intentions of sticking to May. It’s Memorial day weekend, therefore equals perfect for the out-of-town guests soiree we are hosting.

But seriously I have decided to tackle the impossible. A 250 guest wedding on a $5,000 budget w/ about 50% of them being from out-of-town. Sounds fun, huh?

Well here you will find the chronicles of the steals and deals I score along with all the sweet ideas I find along the way. Enjoy!

Budget remaining: $5000.00


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  1. HI! I am currently trying to plan a wedding for 200 people with 7000-8000 dollar budget!! I would love to know any deals and saving tips you have/find along the way!

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