Doing My Homework

So the very first thing I did after setting the date was running up to the library. I checked out about 8 books on planning weddings on a budget from the McAllen Public Library. The best one was iDo by Christa Terry. I recommend this book to anyone. It’s all about planning using this wonderful world of ‘net.

I’ve also found some wonderful budget saving ideas that have really gotten the ideas flowing.

For starters I’m definitely going to make my own veil and headpiece. My mother has made wedding dresses and bridal outfits for at least 7 weddings s she is experienced and I am extremely crafty so we are going for the diy approach. I’ve already selected the birdcage veil style I want and plan to make it using ivory netting and attaching small swarovski crystals to the bottom hem. I’m then going to use a vintage crystal broach with tulle, while flowers, and ostrich feathers on a comb to accent it.

This is the exact hairstyle I want:

I’ve prices around at salons to get this done and the going rate is about $50. I’m still looking out for a better price. I have a couple acquaintances who are a hair stylists and I’m gonna see how much they can do it for.

A very close friend of mine is a beautiful cosmetologist and is training for her Texas certificate. She has already offered to do my make-up as a gift so that is a huge savings.

Basically I’m still working on all my homework and once I have better pricing ideas I’ll definitely post them here…

Remaining Budget: $4,974.81


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